Sunday, 11 August 2013

Jammu not a Kashmir’s colony
JAMMU, Aug 7: Alarmed over the growing demand in Jammu and Ladakh for separation from arrogant, discriminatory, separatist and communal Kashmiri leadership and trifurcation of the state, the ruling NC, which condemns its own ally, Congress, on a daily basis, has described the rational, national, democratic and secular demand as anti-national. The NC leadership, it appears, has gone totally clueless unable to counter the demand on the basis of facts. It also appears that the NC leadership, which has destroyed Jammu and Ladakh politically, socially, economically and culturally and exploited the people of these two historically distinct regions during all these 65 years of the state’s accession to India, is blissfully ignorant about the Indian Constitution, which says the number of states can be increased and decreased as per the needs of the people and exigency of the time.
The creation of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh was not an anti-national act committed by the Congress government at the centre. Similarly, the creation of Jharkhand, Uttrakhand and Chhatttisgarh was also not an anti-national act committed by the BJP-led NDA Government at the centre. Likewise, the decision of the Congress-led UPA to create Telangana state out of Andhra Pradesh was also not an anti-national act. All these decisions were taken taking into consideration the democratic aspirations and urges of the people. Interestingly, the NC, which has termed the demand in Jammu and Ladakh for trifurcation of the unnatural formation, Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh State, as anti-national is a party to the decision on Telangana State.
It is ridiculous that a party that fought against the March 1846 Treaty of Amritsar -- under which the State of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh was created -- between 1932 and 1947 and condemned it as late as in 2000 on the ground that the British Government had sold the life, dignity and honour of Kashmiri Muslims to Jammu for 75 lakh rupees. The NC all through condemned the Treaty of Amritsar and demanded separation from the progressive and essentially democratic Dogra Kingdom. Those who condemn the trifurcation demand must go through its own autonomy committee report before criticizing the rational and national demand of the oppressed, suppressed and grossly discriminated against people of Jammu and Ladakh.
How could a party, which condemns the Indian Constitution and the Indian laws on a daily basis and demands greater autonomy, bordering on virtual sovereignty, on the ground that Jammu & Kashmir is a Muslim-majority State, oppose the people of Jammu and Ladakh who are seeking solution to their age-old problem within the Indian Constitution? The people of Jammu and Ladakh have been fighting for the national cause in the state since 1947 and demanding application of the Indian Constitution to the state in full, barring the separatist, communal and anti-democratic Article 370, which has deprived the people of the state of all their natural and fundamental rights. Similarly, how could a party, which only on March 25, 2013 on the floor of the Legislative Assembly questioned the state’s lawful accession to India, dare to oppose the demand of the ignored and nationalist people of Jammu and Ladakh for separation from the separatist Kashmiri leadership?
The Valley-centric communal NC leadership must see the writing on the wall and behave accordingly. Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh State is an unnatural formation and it, like Pakistan, which is also an unnatural formation, is destined to disintegrate. And as and when it happens the responsibility for its disintegration will be that of the NC and other Kashmir-based outfits, which have forced down the throat of Jammu and Ladakh the trifurcation demand.

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