Friday, 20 September 2013

AIP to launch campaign against AFSPA and PSA
SRINAGAR, Sep 17: Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) today announced that it will start a campaign to develop consensus between various political parties of different shades to form a joint strategy for the revocation of AFSPA and PSA. This was disclosed by the party president and MLA Langate Engineer Rashid at a press conference here. “All the political parties whether from separatist or main stream camp have been constantly and rightly so, alleging that AFSPA is a draconian law that gives securityforces a license to kill and ensures that security forces especially army does not hold themselves accountable before any law, as the dirty AFSPA gives them impunity.
He said that from Geelani Sahib to Omer Abdullah and from Mirwaiz to Mufti Mohammad Syed every politician has been strongly advocating for the revocation of AFSPA since long but unfortunately New Delhi does not even bother even to consider their genuine demand, rather in turn have been revealing some times in response to RTI quires and some times in parliament that state govt. had never formally or officially approached centre that AFSPA be revoked. “This colonial and biased attitude proves the height of arrogance and desire by New Delhi to take genuine aspirations of Kashmiris far granted. New Delhi not only has been humiliating and under estimating Kashmiri politicians but also trying give protection to atrostries on Kashmiri people under the cover of AFSPA Similarly so called Public Safety Act has become a tool in the hands of police and other agencies which they very often use as a weapon to stop Kashmiris from raising their genuine voice,” he said.
Rashid said that there is hardly be a political party, leader or a common man of what so ever political thought, which has not been demanding revocation of AFSPA and abolishing of PSA as every Kashmiri has suffered the taste of these inhuman laws but unfortunately it hardly, makes a difference. “ It is high time for the Kashmiri leaders to stop cold blooded murders, innocent killings, save honor and prestige of Kashmiris and secure future of small kids by forcing New Delhi to repeal AFSPA and also make a consensus to facilitate and compel state govt. to get PSA abolished.”
Rashid also said that his party has decided to approach every political party of any shade to form a joint strategy to remove AFSPA and PSA. He said. “I have already communicated many political parties and individuals including Omer Abdullah and Mufti Syed and sought anappointment with them to frame a joint strategy, so that state and central govt. are motivated and forced to remove these draconian laws. We will knock door of both main stream and separatist politicians and parties and request them to reach a joint strategy for removal of these laws. Joining hands will definitely bring some sense of security among Kashmiris whose life has become a hell. Let Kashmiri leaders realize their duties and not feel shy in talking to each other. There is no option but to have a consensus over these burning issues and to get rid of dirty notorious man eater called AFSPA.
Though revocation of AFSPA or PSA can by no means resolve Kashmir dispute but certainly can give some self confidence and sense ofsecurity to the common masses and can also make security forces accountable to a large extent. Joining hands over this noble cause does not necessarily mean that some body is diluting from his stand or subscribing to any other ideology, neither will it make some one tall or small.” He further said that we are shortly writing letters to different political parties and leaders in this regard besides visiting them and will wait for their positive response till a stipulated time.

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