Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Temple Bill status: Consensus in Select committee, within Hindus
Vested interests create hurdles to remain out of 'purview' of general body
Jammu, Aug 9: Even as consensus is gradually building up in the Select Committee of the Assembly for Temple Bill on various aspects on which members had expressed reservations in the House, certain vested interests are out to play foul games in order to sabotage the outcome of the report of panel, marring early prospects of early passage of the Legislation. The KP community members and the entire Hindu community who have unanimity and are keen to the regulatory body and Act in place have cautioned the NC led coalition Government to fail the motives of these elements who are creating hurdles and hassles only to ensure their own interests intact.
Sources said there are some elements who are desperately trying to keep some temples and shrines they have been taking care of during the last over two decades out of the purview of the Temple Bill . This they are doing in order to run the management of these temples in their own way without any 'outside interference' apparently for promoting and protecting their own interests they have built over the years , sources said. These vested interests are trying to influence members of the Select committee as well, sources said adding that in the meetings held during the past over one month, the Select committee saw some resistance from some quarters seeking non inclusion of a particular temple or Dharmarth Trust related shrines . However, the points in support of their argument have not convinced the 11 member committee and majority of the members of the panel are of the opinion that no such exceptions or omissions should be allowed as it would mar the basic purpose and spirit of the Temple Bill.
However, the leaders of KPs and the PNBMT which has remained on the forefront of the pursuing and pushing this demand before the Government taken strong exception to such attempts which they see as dampening the spirit of the Bill and scuttling the prospects of its passage by the elements who do not want transparency in management of their shrines and temples. "The arguments they give have no substance as they are eligible to become presidents or members of the Body which will be in place once the Bill gets through……we are for a system which will have a democratically elected body and shall have transparency on all fronts as things would be put to public scrutiny which is why some elements are resisting it", said Dr RL Bhat, member PNBMT. Shrines and temples of Kashmir are the shared heritage of all Hindus of Kashmir valley and no attempts should be made to sow division in this shared religion and faith, he said adding this was what members of the Trust asserted in the meetings of the Prem Nath Bhat Memorial Trust, the nodal organization of all exiled Hindu organization recently.

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