Monday, 22 July 2013

J&K Rehabilitation policy is self-contradictory
Expressing serious concern over National Conference-led Congress coalition government's decision to legalize the Nepal route under Rehabilitation policy for youth returning from PoK and Pakistan,BJP National Executive Member & J&K Chief Spokesperson Dr Jitendra Singh said here today that the State Govt has brazenly decided to go ahead with the move inspite of having been pointed out that the policy itself suffers from several procedural lapses and defaults, and is self-contradictory to government's own norms laid down by it when it had first announced this policy in November 2010.
Dr Jitendra Singh went ahead to elaborate that the policy announced by
the Govt envisaged following three broad conditions for the “ex-militants” to qualify for return and rehabilitation :-a) “Giving up of insurgent activities” b) “Change of heart” and c) “Willingness to return to the state”.He said the Govt is conveniently ignoring the fact that the prerequisites laid down for return included active involvement / clearance by :-a) Police b) CID c) Central Intelligence Agencies  d) RAW e) Army f) Security Forces g) Govt. of J&K h)  Joint Secretary (Kashmir) union Ministry of Home Affairs i)  Union Ministry of External Affairs j) Bureau of Immigration k) High Commission of
India in Islamabad l)Parents of the “returnee”. Dr Jitendra Singh said four Entry Routes were identified,that is, a) Poonch-Rawlakote b)Uri-Muzaffarabad c)Wagah-Attari in Punjab and  d) Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi and the condition laid
down was that those returning through one of the above four routes would be placed under supervision and surveillance for three months at counselling centres established by the government.
Unfortunately, in case of 300 youth who have returned so far , none was made to follow the above procedure, said Dr Jitendra Singh and alleged that on the contrary,the State Govt contradicted its own policy by providing these people a safe passage through unauthorized Nepal route followed by safe settlement with family on the Indian soil. Dr Jitendra Singh said,there are several unanswered questions. For example, how at the first place, these persons managed to reach Nepal from Pakistan. Did they manage a Pakistan passport and if so, how? And then, how did they manage to gain entry across Nepal-Indian Border? Is this not a clear case of illegal Immigration, he asked. Since most of these persons got married while in Pakistan and have now returned with their wives and children, what is the citizenship/legal status of these accompanying  individuals? And if the trend of each ex-militant returning with his wife and children is allowed to continue, what will be the implications on the state demography, he asked.

Further, Dr Jitendra Singh asked, what is the genuinity of these persons since  they have not been subjected to the process of verification as notified by the government itself? This becomes a serious issue particularly amidst disturbing reports that some of these returnees have gone into hiding and could be engaged in “regrouping”. Dr Jitendra Singh wanted the Govt to clarify that if the State Govt legitimises the Nepal route with prospective effect, will the 300 persons, who have so far illegitimately gained entry via Nepal, be asked to go back, apply afresh for return and go through the screening procedure as laid down in the policy, Will this not carry a negative message ,he asked , for   for 7 lakh unemployed youth of the state, West Pak and JAK refugees as well as
internally displaced Kashmiri Pandits  who were never involved in militancy nor did they venture across the border for any arms training. Does this amount to accepting that the state offers a premium on militancy?
Source: BJP Press Release

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