Monday, 27 May 2013

709 political leaders killed since 1990
May 17 After security forces the National Conference workers in Jammu and Kashmir have made maximum sacrifices in the last over two decade long period of turmoil.
According to official sources, "a total number of 709 political workers belonging to different political organisations have lost their lives since 1990 in the state". Out of these maximum number of 429 political leaders/activists belonging to National Conference have sacrificed their lives in the state.
After National Conference another regional party Peoples Democratic Party have till date sacrificed at least 97 political leaders/party cadres during the same period. According to official sources Congress party lost 87 of their political leaders while 15 workers/leaders of BJP sacrificed their lives in the 20 year long period of turmoil.
Awami League and Janata Dal too lost 15 and 12 of their political workers in the Kashmir valley. Various other political parties such as Peoples Conference, Muslim United Front, Awami Action Committee, Aklai Dal and others lost 1-4 of their political leaders during the period of turmoil in the state.

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