Wednesday, 20 March 2013

UN resolutions can solve Kashmir conflict, says minister

An official from the Pakistan-controlled Azad Kashmir has called for full implementation of UN resolutions to end the long-running Indo-Pakistan dispute over Kashmir.  In 1948, the United Nations adopted a resolution calling for a referendum for Kashmir to etermine whether the Himalayan region should be part of India and Pakistan. But India has rejected to hold referendum in Kashmiri territory.  "If UN decisions are implemented, the Kashmir conflict can be solved. Otherwise, people will use weapons to fight for their rights," Javed Iqbal Budhanvi, food minister of the Autonomous Republic of Azad Kashmir, told the Anadolu Agency.  Budhanvi said the people of Kashmir were left with no options other than taking up arms to defend their rights. "They call us terrorists but if we lay down our arms, we will be repressed and nobody will give us our rights."  Budhanvi said his rugged republic was not self-sufficient in agriculture and that Kashmir's fertile lands were under India's control, adding that Azad Kashmir needed Pakistan's help to overcome food problems. Budhanvi also criticized what he described as "inadequate international support."


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